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Cultivating Resources for a New World

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BAAOK is dedicated to training and cultivating quality. We stand on our promise to deliver efficiency in human resources. 

Business Etiquette Training 

BAAOK trains youth, new and current employees on professional workplace etiquette. 

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Financial Counseling 

 One part of our commitment to the community is understanding the financial needs and goals of each and every participant. We outline the most efficient strategies for financial rehabilitation.

Mental Health Referral 

Life can be complexed. Sometimes a listening ear is sufficient. Other times professional asitance is needed. EIther way we are here for you. 

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Legal Assistant & Referral Services

From attorney referral and personal legal assistant to legal process servicing. We offer a large variation of legal services and are eager to learn how we can assist you. 

Housing​ and Relocation Assistance

Relocation and discount housing are available for our associates.

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Our commitment to our community goes beyond kindness. Our commitment to change will impact the world.

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